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So who am I, and why am I doing this?

It's pretty simple, really. I'm a webdesigner, and my partner Thomas has been a student of Chamberlain Sensei's for some time (see right). I could tell that she was a very important person in his life, and as soon as I saw the previous website, I wanted to revamp it. It wasn't quite as pretty as I felt it should be, and besides, I wanted to impress him ;) For me to get a feel for the place and to talk to Sensei about the site, we took the kids to a class. They loved it! That's them below on the right :)

I was greatly impressed by Chamberlain Sensei's attitude with the kids — her energy and enthusiasm is so very contagious! Hearing about the way she made it to Okinawa and trained under Osensei (then Grandmaster) Shoshin Nagamine is truly fascinating. One of these days I'll get her to post more of her journals on the site. You will not find a more dedicated or more knowledgeable, yet incredibly humble, teacher anywhere! It is very obvious that she lives for her art, and is grateful for her opportunity to pass it on to others. The dojo definitely feels like family, and I don't even train there! Who knows, maybe I'll start one of these days ;)

Until next time... sayonara!


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