Part of karate's success is the idea that it can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone there is no restriction placed on size, gender, ability or age. We train for character development, physical coordination and fitness, self-defense, and spiritual attainment.

The Santa Cruz Dojo Hall is quite small yet holds large karate-do spirit. For more information see the FAQ about our dojo meetings.

Kata is Karate. Most folks come to the dojo (meeting hall) with no idea what kata is. If you have been to a dojo whose primary focus is on kicking and punching, or on performing non-traditional katas, that group has lost its art! Kata is a lifelong practice. The traditional kata are the formulas containing the knowledge of each master passed to the next. These series of movements called kata are the only way to keep the true ideas of karate, securing Okinawa's cultural heritage, enabling American practitioners to be able to pass this ancient art to the next generation...."correctly!"

Our workouts are very dynamic, consisting of kata, floor exercises, line-training, heavy bag workout, self-defense, weight training, Zen training, and learning Okinawan culture. Advance practice involves kata applications, kumite, makiwara training, chishi training, advanced Zen training, and weapons. We practice the following weapons: sai (sword), bo (long staff), tuifa (side handle baton), kama (sickle), and nunchaku.

We also gain insight into karate through visiting practitioners, martial arts medicine (Chinese and Okinawan), beach workouts, and learning our heritage through our library of Matsubayashi materials.

The karate-do practioners come from a wide range of backgrounds ranging from university students to hi-tech professionals, aged early twenties to early sixties. Our dojo can be characterized as having a great attitude with a strong sense of commitment.

Putting forth into practice Karate and Zen as one, our dojo looks forward to the now and the future.

Santa Cruz, California 95060
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