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About the Book

Heavenly Bridge follows the story of a karate practitioner as she navigated the culture and karate community of Okinawa. This autobiographical account of the experiences with her teachers and mentors includes detailed documentation of karate corrections, received from all with whom she trained, and step-by-step instructions for each kata.

From her journey emerged a new style and namesake for the book, Tiida-ryū, based on all that she learned throughout her martial art career. As an accompaniment, this book also contains summary sections on Ryūkyū Culture and Karate Masters.

Total pages: 306

First Published 2020

Errata Heavenly Bridge


Read what others are saying:

“Thinking about the timeless lesson represented in the saying, “Kyu Do Mu Gen” [究道無限], Heavenly Bridge has to be seen as the author’s latest expression of this endless learning process. I am confident her work will serve to inspire a generation of likeminded learners, seeking empowerment from the timeless message that Karate, as an art, conveys to all those willing to embrace it.”
– Patrick McCarthy, Hanshi

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Heavenly Bridge

by Lara Chamberlain

Heavenly Bridge

by Lara Chamberlain

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