Tiida-ryū 天陽流

Tiida-ryū is a name of Okinawan origin and, as such, does not have kanji, which is used for Japanese language. However, we selected kanji that holds a meaning consistent with our intent.

The kanji is read in Japanese as Tenyō-ryū.


Tiida-ryū – Immortal (travel by) Light Style

Tenyō-ryū – Heavenly Sun Style

Both names for our style are acceptable and interchangeable.  

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Kaiso (founder)

Lara Chamberlain, Tiida-ryū Kaiso (founder)

Ms. Lara Chamberlain started karate in 1985, practicing Shorin-ryū at her University Club.  10 years later, she ventured to Okinawa to meet the founder of Matsubayashi-ryū, Shōshin Nagamine.  From that point forward, she trained diligently in Okinawa annually, sometimes more, and was placed directly under the tutelage of Yasuharu Makishi Sensei, Hanshi.  She enjoyed personal training with him for nearly 15 years.  During this same time, she trained with many other senior teachers in Okinawa, including Seigi Nakamura, Takayoshi Nagamine, and many others.  

In 2019, Ms. Chamberlain finished rebuilding her home dojo and decided to continue exploring and expanding her roots by starting Tiida-ryū, accredited by the All Japan Budo Association (www.japanbudo.com).  

Tiida-ryū is based on the same kata system set by Shōshin Nagamine and includes Kobudō from Matsubayashi-ryū as well as the Yamane system, as taught by Kiyomasa Maeda, Hanshi.

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AJBA Certification


Acknowledgement of new Ryuha from All Japan Budo Association

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Yasuharu Makishi


Ms. Chamberlain with her Sensei, Yasuharu Makishi, during a visit to Santa Cruz

Shoshin Nagamine


Ms. Chamberlain with Grandmaster Shōshin Nagamine in the Matsubayashi-ryū honbu

Takayoshi Nagamine


Ms. Chamberlain with Sōke Takayoshi Nagamine in Okinawa