What’s Behind the Design

Kanji: 天陽流 

天 : Nirai (earth house) Kanai (sun house)

陽 (てぃーだ )  : Solar as the mediator

流 – Way of


Tiida is the renewer of light. It possesses a spiritual power symbolized by the solar (yellow) dragon.

This cheerful, lively solar dragon inhabits all places and directions, happily dancing on or below the waves.

It harmonizes opposing forces and pulls in abundance.

It is a gatekeeper, clearing obstructions, transmitting messages between the earth and sun house.


It is a spiritual shape that contains three good deeds (Sandō) of alchemy.

The three elements are Water, Gold, and Fire.

The Sai represents strength and heavenly protection.


Eight points as follows

T : Tenacity
I : Integrity
I : Intellect
D : Dynamic
A : Adaptability
R : Resourcefulness
Y : Yearning (to learn)
U : United

The blue color represents the ocean.